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With the high tech world of today, the way Flat Screen Television’s are made is mind boggling. Panel HDTVs are becoming thinner and thinner and the producers are going with 3D sets and diode. The Television wall mount business is finding itself making wall supports that are made of substances that are lighter yet more durable and stylish. There are various styles to select from this kind of as fixed, tilt and full motion. There are some beginning to look supporting the Television dangling it like you’d an image. As the fixed mounts have evolved they’re getting increasingly less bulky.  

Before there was just small hole cutouts. Styles are great in a room where Television and glare height for seeing is not a problem. Some clients today want their Video to seem like it is made on the walls, for this few mount makers have came up with mounts that are as near to the wall as 0.31 inches. Complete motion called cantilever articulating and swivel styles are utilized where angles can change particularly in rooms. Any of these fashions are engineered with an arm or one arm. The arm by design is more powerful than the arm. Producers remember weight and the size of a panel when sizing up it. 

The quantity of extension these arms extend can vary from 3 inches and extend outward to just up to 37 inches. When mounting a complete movement mount it’s a must to attach to wood studs. Metal studs might not maintain the quantity of force being applied allowing that the screws to pull throughout the metal. Stay away from metal studs. It’s extremely recommended to use a stud finder from locating that the stud centre. Hitting the stud centre is your lifeline to reach the mounts burden capacity limits in preventing pullout from badly aligned lag bolts. Themselves are becoming closer to the wall as well. 

At the last tilt mounts could have the rear of your Television from 4 to 5 inches from that the walls. Now, it is possible to find a tilt model which has a profile from the walls of just 1.65 inches. Another new feature becoming more popular consists that the fingertip adjustable tilt. In the past to adjust the tilt the vertical arms had knobs or screws to set to hold that the screen in the desired angle. Now there’s tension set screws which once adjusted you simply can push or pull on that the top of that the Television and it’ll stay in position.

We highly recommend getting your tv mounted by a professional, as each scenario is different.  Houston, Texas has a booming market for electronics and as the population grows in areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Pearland, Woodlands, Richmond and Spring, the need for professional TV Mounting companies are a necessity

Above Fireplace Tv Mounting
Myth Debunked: The Fireplace Television Experts Tell All might have heard that house fireplace Television installments are given a bad rap. But if you are considering mounting a flat panel on the fireplace, don’t worry: in the hands of a custom A\V installer, these false claims fall flat. Unlock your living room untapped Real Estate With A Fireplace Television Installation – Not only are they stylish aesthetically pleasing, and gorgeous of spaces, they’re a few of the sound of electronic equipment installations that are big too. Sometimes a home’s layout will contain the fireplace as the hub of a living room or fantastic room mounting your Television may free up some space for pieces, while also not requiring one to magnify the room’s design. 

The Three Common Myths About Fireplace Television Installations – There’s no way to conduct power or at least not without wires. Your neck will be strained by the angle of a LCD Television against the fireplace and the screen will be shown across by the brightness of the bulbs on the other side of the Video. Smoke or the heat from the fireplace burning will affect the Television mounted over the mantel on a brick or rock fireplace’s edge or internals. No Truth at Myths: Each Claim Explained – Pre wiring or outlet relocation is a straightforward process. The use of a complete, commercial grade full motion arm or swivel bracket into hold of the flat monitor will enable you to change of the angle and of the axis of the flat monitor for optimum viewing. 

No craning or overhanging the neck! – Ever touched the top of your fireplace, was it warm? A flat panel or LCD Television, like a laptop computer or very electronics, will give off a certain amount of heat during normal working operation, but a Television professionally mounted on your fireplace, even with a warm fire kindling, won’t cause the Television to become any hotter than usual. It is because every fireplace that meets basic residential building code was designed to trap all of the heat and smoke of a fire in of the flue are so well insulated and thick that no smoke or heat would ever damage your TV. The fireplace Television experts at Smart Choice Home Security have done many of brick, stone, marble, staggered sheetrock, and also wood fireplace flat panel installments in the Houston, Texas area. Our specially trained techs have of the practical know how and experience which comes along with daily exposure to these along with other types of specialty installations. No two fireplaces are exactly of the same, but our technicians have never come across one that was impossible to mount any surface.

Tv Wall Mounting Tips
New production televisions such as flat screen televisions have changed home entertainment and Television viewing – for the better. Screens free up floor space and offer a cleaner appearance. Plus in addition, it improves the room’s decor. Plasma and LCD are the two technologies for flat screen TVs. LCDs are frequently more affordable than plasma screen televisions of the same size plus they also consume less energy. Nevertheless, both the quality and durability of this picture is frequently less compared to plasma screen counterparts. You need a wall mount, to mount your flat screen or plasma Video into the wall. There are three types of TV Wall Mounts: Fixed, Tilting and Full Motion(Articulating). Custom TV Mounts would be Outdoor, Ceiling and Fireplace/Mantel Mounts. TV wall mounts all come in sizes that are variable to match 22 to 90 inches and thin screens. 

Your TV will resemble wall decoration or an image. TV wall mounts sit approximately two to four inches. The screen around 15 levels may tilt up or down. With this type of mount, the Television can hang and angle down it towards the space, which is perfect for the bedroom. The space required for installation can be greatly reduced with tilting \/ swiveling mounts. They might rotate it and could sit Television approximately 5 to 20 inches in addition to tilt it up and down. 

These features make them appropriate for installation in the corner of the room. Installation needs to be done with utmost care. (Very Important) Most TV wall mounts define a maximum weight that may be supported, so selection needs to be carried out keeping this size of this set in mind. Avoid installation areas where there’s plumbing. Measuring is a key element to mounting a tv on the wall. Hiring professionals could ensure safe installation and mounting. Prior planning is needed to decide the right location of cable, speakers, DVD player or gaming system. Keep in mind that appropriate air flow is required to prevent this components in heat with a couple additional bucks you can hide them in a closet or internment center. 

Typical tools used for TV Mounting:
1. Drill
2. Wall Stud Finder
3. Level
4. Ratchet Toolset 
5. Screw Driver


Dangling cables could really steal this cleaned up appearance that you are attempting to achieve. Generally, hide them behind the walls or use a conduit throughout later on to maintain the clean appearance. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t run power cords throughout the wall, unless there is proper installation and cabling. Installing a proper surge protector is highly recommended, to protect your Flat Screen TV from damage or power surges or lightening strikes.  In the future, prices will go down even more on tv mounting cost. Average cost for TV mounting in Houston, Texas ranges from $120 -$200 (based on Angie’s List cost engine). With proper planning and cautious selection, your flat screen Television will give you many years of entertainment.

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We highly recommend getting your tv mounted by a professional, as each scenario is different. Houston, Texas has a booming market for electronics and as the population grows in areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Pearland, Woodlands, Richmond and Spring, the need for professional TV Mounting companies are a necessity

Hiding Wires In The Wall – TV Mounting Service , Houston, Texas
Mounting a screen Television becomes part of the decor and clears up floor space and offers a clean viewing area. They’re growing in popularity with the cost of flat screen wall mounted televisions in the selection. To complete the look, conceal the wires so the screen becomes a different frame on the wall. You can conceal Television wires with cable covers painted to fit the walls or to coordinate with the colors of the room. This is the simplest to install. The more difficult task is hiding wires in the wall.

Find cable extensions needed at an electronics shop. Additionally, get covers to the holes in the walls at which the cables exit and enter. These are readily available. Mount the TV. Measure the space of the cables necessary to go throughout the cable cover system or the walls. Mark the place for where cables leave the TV. Engage an electrician to produce a plug. You do not want to run the power wire throughout the wall. This is not necessary if you want to utilize an outdoor system or don’t mind the one cable. Mark the place near the base of the wall.

Gauge again to make sure wires are long enough. In addition, measure of the size of the hole to match the plug cover. Cut small holes in the drywall at which you marked. Feed the cables in top to bottom, then connect to cable boxes, DVD players along with other peripherals. A small test hole might help. Utilize a hand saw, not electric. Look for brackets that help with cable management, and mount the Television at the same time. Mounting Television wires behind a wall functions for drywall as a do-it yourself. Ensure that the stud system in the walls may support the weight of the TV. You also have to make sure there is are no horizontal fire blocks in the wall. This install will require a stud finder. If so, you probably will need a professional company such as Smart Choice Home Security to complete the install as this requires accurate drilling procedures to insure the wall is not damaged.

Many higher end audio stores now offer at home services to mount walls Television screens and conceal the wires. That is a better alternative for the non-do-it yourselfer. Things you will Need – Cable management system to conceal Television wires in and out the walls installation – Cable and connector extensions, based on length from Television to peripherals – Covers for entrance and depart holes.

We highly recommend getting your tv mounted by a professional, as each scenario is different. Houston, Texas has a booming market for electronics and as the population grows in areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Pearland, Woodlands, Richmond and Spring, the need for professional TV Mounting companies are a necessity

Hiding wires outside the wall tips, TV Mounting Service, Houston, Texas

Sitting on your couch and looking at ugly dangling cables from a TV you just spent over $1,000 can be annoying. If hiding the wires inside your wall from a professional installation company like, Smart Choice Home Security is not in your budget, then your best bet would be to hide the wires outside of your wall. It might save you money if you already have the tools and supplies. Here are some tips.

1. Locate the kind of raceway to your requirements. They are on the web and at many home and garden stores, hardware stores and discount stores. They are available in many colors and styles, made to cover basic wires or wide and thick raceways that can cover wires or cable sets, such as stereo or AV harnesses. 

2. Determine which type works best for you. There are self-adhesive, snap-together kinds that stick to the wall or baseboard. There are also forms that mount with screws throughout the walls or woodwork. Screw mounts are permanent, but they require more initial work. Self-adhesive kinds might come loose with time, but they’re easier to mount. 

3. Clean the area where you’ll mount the raceway. This is particularly true if you use a self-adhesive type. A rag dipped in a dishwater solution and wipe down the entire area where you’ll mount the raceway. Rinse with clean water. 

4. Cut the pieces to fit. Run a piece of the raceway against the wall to where it needs to go. Mark the end with a marker. Use a hacksaw with a miter box to cut the plastic. You merely require straight cuts, but the miter box permits you to steady the bits as you cut them. 

5. Attach the raceway to the wall. there’ll be two parts to the raceway. The back attachment piece and the front. The back is the piece that attaches to the wall. The front snaps over the back piece once it’s in place. In case you you use adhesive strips, peel off the backing on the back attachment piece and stick it onto the wall . Press it down firmly in place. If you mount it with screws, then there might be screw holes pre-formed from the raceway. In that case, drill a hole into the wall throughout the raceway pre-formed hole; otherwise, drill directly throughout the plastic so or every 12 inches. Add a wall moly into the hole if you drill the hole. Turn in a twist with a drill and a screwdriver piece throughout the attachment piece to hold it in position. 

6. Run the cables along the raceway of the attachment piece, and follow directly behind that with the front piece. The front piece will lock in place onto the attachment piece, covering up the cables as you go. 

7. Snap on corner or coupling bits in which the endings of the raceway meet. Corner pieces will make it possible for you to join corners while couplings will allow you to join two pieces together. 

Things You Will Need 
Plastic cable/wire raceway 
Drill with drill bit, if applicable 
Screwdriver and screws, if applicable 
Dishwater solution in a bucket 
Miter box 
Wall molly

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We highly recommend getting your tv mounted by a professional, as each scenario is different. Houston, Texas has a booming market for electronics and as the population grows in areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Pearland, Woodlands, Richmond and Spring, the need for professional TV Mounting companies are a necessity. 

TV Wall Bracket Considerations – TV Wall Mounting Tips

Modern technology have made life simpler and easier. Video has seen many changes and alterations. Television screens are bigger and a lot thinner. Earlier the Television screens were bulkier, but today the TV screens are flat and slim. They need Television brackets to be hanged onto the walls. They are not bulky they need less quantity of space. The Video brackets are purchased on based on a few factors. Among the primary factors to get a Television brackets are the weight of the TV that you’re using. The Video brackets are made such that they’re able to carry weight up. 

 Notice the weight specifications which are mentioned from the cartons of the TV while buying a TV. Guarantee that the Television bracket which you are purchasing can maintain the weight of your tv before shopping for a LCD wall bracket or Television brackets. This is indicated because in instance of a LCD walls brackets, if the Video bracket that’s used, fails to maintain the weight of the TV, it can cause fatal accidents and might cause damages to another furniture or some other objects in the house.  

There are many people who’re eager to spend a great deal of money on the TV and leave a little component of the money for your Television brackets. They forget an essential facet of having a strong and sturdy Television bracket, that’s, if the LCD wall brackets that you’re using to keep their most favored LCD TV, collapses, it can cause harm to the TV also. You might get a Television bracket that’s customized to the needs of your tv. These are these types of Television brackets which are made in accordance with the kind of TV that you’re opting for and your size and your shape of those Television brackets are made such. 

There are 3 main types of TV Wall Mount Brackets:
1. Fixed – No Motion left/right or tilting up or down.
2. Tilting – Up or Down tilting motion.

3. Articulating – commonly known as full motion tv bracket. Moves left/right and tilts up or down.  

Several models of LCD wall brackets can be found in the market. Such as Echogear, Sanus, Direct Connect, Mantel Mount and many others. These brackets have special capabilities that you must consider before purchasing one. Like there are models, which are sturdy, but makes the TV static and immovable, again you will find models which are stylish, but aren’t strong enough and so forth. You’re suggested to purchase a heavy duty one for the use. Only getting LCD wall brackets isn’t as simple as getting a table to maintain television. Your LCD TV calls for a proper installation of the LCD walls mounts on the wall.

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We highly recommend getting your tv mounted by a professional, as each scenario is different. Houston, Texas has a booming market for electronics and as the population grows in areas such as Katy, Sugarland, Galveston, Pearland, Woodlands, Richmond and Spring, the need for professional TV Mounting companies are a necessity.